Kind words from some of my amazing couples.

Ashley+Brian- "WOW!! Katy, we love them so much- THANK YOU!!! You are an amazing photographer. I don't know how we are going to choose which ones to frame! We are so happy we chose you - the pictures are just perfect! Thank you again for everything - you captured everything about our day that I was hoping for."

Jackie+Tyler- "Katy was the best!!! We hired Katy to do our engagement photos as well as our wedding photos. We were floored by how perfect all the photos were. We were just as happy with the photo-taking experience. My wife and I aren't real big on having photos taken of us. We feel awkward posing and having someone photograph us. Katy made our engagement session fun and sans awkwardness--it was like walking around the city with your friend who happens to be snapping photos of you. Katy knew where to go for good photographs, she knew how and where she wanted us to stand, etc. It was an all-around great experience. The wedding day was no different. It was cold outside, but we wanted some pictures outdoors in my wife's hometown. We got lots of great pictures in a bunch of different locations and didn't have to stand outside for 3 hours. Katy was super efficient and was able to get 20 people organized and posed for photos without being pushy. She was just as good with all of the family photos. The ceremony photos were amazing too. Oh, she also nailed the reception photographs! Katy stuck around and captured some of the best and most energetic parts of the reception dance party. Ok, I'm done. Katy does an amazing job; she is extremely nice; and she is very easy to work with. All that for an affordable price! I'd recommend her to anyone!"

Lauren+Shawn- "Shawn and I finally had a chance to sit down together last weekend and look at all the pics. I don't even know how to tell you how happy we are with them. They are all so beautiful, and I cried when I started looking at them!! Even with the rain, we had such a great time with you. Thank you so much for giving us perfect memories of our special day! You are AMAZING at what you do, don't ever forget that."

Kim+Jim- "KATY!!!! WE LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!Oh man. We looked through every single picture last night, and it was really like reliving the wedding. The colors are amazing. Everything looks natural, and I especially love how you captured the church space. Also, the kids! You captured the sweetest, funniest, cutest kid moments, which we love. We don't have enough room in our apartment to frame all of these beautiful shots! I want them to be all around me. I can't wait to look through them again!!!! Thank you so, so, so, much."

Cyndi+Brent- "Katy was our photographer for our September wedding. We were beyond pleased with her! She also shot our engagement session. She was so laid-back and made us feel comfortable the whole time. Every time we emailed her or spoke on the phone, Katy was so kind. On our wedding day, she got so many GREAT photos that I didn't even know about. She even suggested a few changes, like changing into my gown at home where the lighting and background was better. I'm so glad she did. Many of the guests at our wedding said they barely noticed her because she wasn't in our faces, yet she still managed to get all the great shots! Whenever I look at our wedding photographs, I relive the happiest day of my life! Thanks Katy!"

Diana+Dave- " I can't really say enough about my photographer. She was SO wonderful. She made me feel so comfortable in front of the camera, and she was creative about where to take photos and an absolute master of making the light work wherever we were. When some of our locations had to be ditched because of rain, she found this great new spot on the fly and we got some of our best photos there. Also the candid photos of friends and family are the best. She is so easy to work with. My only advice would be to not mess with her schedule. It takes as long as it takes."

Jessica+Brandon- "Love her! So glad I went with Katy. She is amazing and talented and really sweet."

Diana+Alan- "She was a unique talent and a blast to work with! I couldn't have been happier with my decision to have Katy as my wedding photographer. I live out of state, and she was extremely accommodating to the challenges that go along with planning a wedding from far away. She took the time to really understand the look my husband and I wanted to get from our photos, and achieved that without a doubt! Katy had a sneak peek for us within days of the wedding. The pictures turned out incredible. I can't look at them without getting a huge smile on my face. All of our friends and family enjoyed working with Katy on the day, and were extremely impressed with how they turned out. I would recommend K.Corea Photography to anyone."

Rachel+Jude- "Katy was an amazing photographer! She was so prepared and very organized. My venue was very dark and she found a way to make each picture perfect. I would also recommend purchasing the wedding album! It is stunning and something that will last forever and I will always cherish. It is great quality and worth every penny! A++++"

Elizabeth+Jose- "Katy Corea is one of the best creative wedding photographers. She is so unique and creative with her work, and her study of photography shows in her photos. Katy has such a sweet personality and really makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera. Her packages are well-rounded and the quality you receive is noticeable. My fiance and I were able to have an E-session with Katy and she was able to capture some beautiful moments. Futhermore, on the wedding day, she was punctual, encouraging, and really strived to make sure you were happy and getting the pictures you wanted. Even my dad, who wasn't really involved with pictures, said Katy was professional, kind, and knew what she was doing! I would definitely recommend K. Corea Photography for you wedding event."

Jenny+Jason- "OMG!!! I love them all!!! How will we ever pick!!! Thank you so much they are beautiful!"